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Performance evaluation research on low carbon supply Chain based on DEA-AHP

Author(s): Yuxi Tang

Supply chain is one of the hottest issue in today's academic research. It changes the traditional mode of competition, making market competition invert from the competition between individual enterprises into the competition between supply chains. Therefore, the supply chain management has a certain expertise and market competitiveness has a cooperative arrangement between enterprises, which is a activity combining optimal and efficient value. Choose of each node of supply chain system follows the principle of combination, offering the most competitive market power of economic resources. It fuses efficiency of the single enterprise to the overall competitiveness of the core competitiveness, which greatly enhances the market competitive advantage through supplementing each other and harmonious communion of the integration of enterprise resource and ability. How to ensure the combination to bring more advantages, how to reduce the conflicts of the joint between the enterprise and how to test this kind of joint in order to achieved better performance, these all need supply chain members to focus on. Therefore, further systematic research on performance evaluation of supply chain and its management have important theoretical and practical significance[1].

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