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Passive absence study of the tourism management and the analysis of its corresponding measures

Author(s): Deyin Zhao

With the rapid development of China's market economy, the improvement of people's living standards and coupled with the increase of foreign tourist arrivals, China's tourism industry develops very fast. However, along with the high-speed development, the good and bad intermingled situation in the tourist industry appeared. In recent years, scandals in this industry broke out one after another, such as rising ticket prices, fraud, hard sell, environmental pollution, which seriously affected the healthy development of China's tourism industry. One of the main causes of the non-standard phenomenon in China's tourism industry was the passive absence of China's tourism management, which included the lack of government management and the lack of Chinese law. Many local governments took tacit or inactive attitude in face of local non-standard tourist industry because currently tourism economy had gradually substituted the agriculture as the local finance source in many places. In order to ensure fiscal revenues, some local governments took that attitude. Some local governments were not aware of the importance of tourism economy and failed to fulfill their duties, leading to the low level of local tourism market development. The formally implementation of "Tourism Law" in 2013 ended the lawabsent phenomenon in China's tourism industry. However, the implementation time is very short, the effect is not obvious, and the detailed rules are still not perfect.

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