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Optimization of preparation parameter of yeast oligoglucosides by enzyme complex

Author(s): Wang Qian, Hu Ying, Dong Hai-Li

In order to develop a clean preparation method for yeast oligoglucosides, complex enzyme (â-glucanase and papain) was used to hydrolysis of oligoglucosides. Based on single factor experiments, L9(34) orthogonal test was used to optimum the preparation parameter. Enzyme dosage, enzyme temperature, time and pH were as factors and reducing sugar mass fraction was as index. The results shown that the optimization parameters were as follows: enzyme dosage 1.6%, enzyme temperature 55℃, time 30min and pH 5.5. The reducing sugar mass fraction reached at 92.1%. So complex enzyme method was a suitable method for preparation of oligoglucosides from yeast â-glucan

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