Optimization of machining parameters for EDM honeycomb ring using gray relation analysis

Author(s): Gao Ji, Sun Yao, Wang Di

Aiming at the complexity and unpredictability of EDM(electrical discharge machining) honeycomb ring, the Taguchimethodwith gray relation analysis was proposed to determine the EDM parameters with consideration of multiple performance characteristics.Themainmachining parameters pulseon time(ton), pulse-off time(toff), peak current(I) and peak voltage(U) were selected to explore the effects of multiple performance characteristics on SR(surface roughness) and EWR(electrode wear rate).A series of experiments were conducted according to an orthogonal array L18 based on Taguchimethod. The significant process parameters that affectedMRR and SR were determined by the analysis of variance.The obtained optimal machining conditions were pulse-on time of 5s , peak current of 10A, peak voltage of 1V, pulse-off time of 75.Under these conditions, the SR of 0.826andMRR of 1.913could be obtained.An additional experiment was conducted to verify the obtained optimal machining conditions

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