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Optimization of β-Galactosidase Production by Trametes versicolor J5 in Whey

Author(s): Luzia Ferreira Elias, Vinicius Tessinari Pravato, Leandro de Souza Lopes, Flavia de Abreu Pinheiro, Deuselio Bassini Fioresi and Wilton Soares Cardoso

In this work the fungus Trametes versicolor J5 was grown in whey with the objective of producing the enzyme β-galactosidase that has a number of applications, mainly in the food industry. In fermentation for 48 hours, we have pH 8 and the temperature close to 30°C, as optimal points. In fermentations for 96 and 120 hours, we have little temperature interference for maximum β-galactosidase production. In relation to pH, we have values close to 8 as ideal for the 96 and 120 hours of fermentation times. In this way, the Trametes versicolor J5 fungus was able to grow in the whey with β-galactosidase production, thus reducing the costs of the process, as well as solving the problems associated with its elimination.

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