Optimal principle-based psychological health and physical exercise time standard research

Author(s): Guohua Shao

Physical exercise plays a very important role in promoting psychological health, people that often take sports exercises have higher psychological quality and their psychological health status are also relatively good. Research on physical exercise is beneficial to improve Chinese masses psychological health level, and better avoid occurrence of psychological barriers. The paper makes use of SPSS software to make quantitative analysis of physical exercise and psychological health status relations, and on this basis, it utilizes goal programming method and discriminant analysis to establish optimal principle-based psychological health development and physical exercise standardmodel, by analyzing statistical data, it gets optimal solution and physical exercise time standard that are beneficial to psychological health development, which is taking above 0.5 hours physical exercises play a remarkable role in improving psychological health level, and keeping exercising for above 1.5 hours every day is the best choice to maintain relative health psychological status. In addition, on this basis, it makes comprehensive evaluation on physical exercises and psychological health status influence factors, so that provides theoretical support for above analysis.

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