Optical studies on smectic phases inmixture of non-mesogenic compounds

Author(s): T.N.Govindaiah

The binary mixture of two non-mesogenic compounds viz., sodium oleate (Naol) and Ethylene glycol (EG) exhibit a smectic phases are at large range of concentrations and at different temperatures. The mixtures with lower concentrations of Naol in EG exhibit an Iso-SmA-SmD-SmB-SmECryst phases sequentially when the specimen is cooled from its isotropic phase. The phase transition temperatures for different concentrations of’ Naol in EG were measured using polarizing microscope. The different smectic phases are observed by using microscopy techniques and hence it has been verified by optical anisotropic studies. Helfrich potential and elastic moduli are estimated in the lamellar phase using Helfrich model.

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