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Online latin style anti-cursive handwriting input method of Chinese characters for non-Chinese speakers

Author(s): Huang Tongcheng, Fu Xin, Duan Xu, Chen Zhi, Xu Haizhong

In order to faciliating the handwriting input of Chinese characters for non-Chinese speakers, this paper, based on profound information of cursive characters, deciphered the genetic code of ancient cursive symbols and made clear the rules for characters changing into its cursive style. It is directed toward to the development of the handwriting rules and vocabulary for Latin-style anti-cursive characters and the ways of their selection and classification, which aims to build a pratical platform for a simple Latin-style online handwritng imput and processing, with customary handwriting habits of non-Chinese speakers. As a result, it breaks the bottleneck which enables non-Chinese speakers to easily input information through handwriting Chinese characters.

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