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One-way analysis of variance-based table tennis special athlete psychological quality difference study

Author(s): Jiayu Jiang, Yecheng Cao, Tao Li

Table tennis event is a mass event that suitable for all ages, in the main background of present national fitness, look for events benefits from traditional sports events is one of important ways to propel to national fitness progress. Physical exercises generate lots of impacts on sportsmen psychology; it can let sportsmen to keep physical and psychological health state, which is also the purpose of the paper’s studies. The paper explores table tennis event promotion efficiency on exercisers’ psychological quality’s attention characteristics, with an aim to analyze the event promotion efficiency in attention characteristics four dimensions levels, in the paper, it applies experiment comparison, mathematical statistics and other methods, gets one-way analysis of variance that based on totality, grouping, genders, training years and attention characteristics dimensions, gets attention characteristics differences in different conditions, it verifies that subjects of experimental group that takes table tennis exercises have superior efficiency in attention characteristics upgrading by comparing to subjects of control group that takes other special events exercises.

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