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On the non-English major interpretation instruction directed by CBI teaching notion

Author(s): Shao Xingyu

CBI teaching notion is one which means language instruction on the basis of some discipline instruction or of theme instruction and aims to combine completely the language instruction with discipline learning. This notion symbolizes the new starting point in language instruction and it transfers the traditional language teaching method of achieving language competences, that is, instruction of language itself, to achieve language competences at the same time of studying discipline knowledge. Nowadays, there is a necessity to offer interpretation courses for the non-English majors for the needs of the social development and market. However, until now the non-English major interpretation instruction hasn’t attracted enough attention, and the research about the non- English major interpretation instruction is also far from enough. This thesis intends to explore the application of CBI notion in the non-English major interpretation instruction, which is undoubtedly a helpful attempt, aiming to call on the researchers of interpretation to put more attention on the non-English major interpretation instruction.

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