On home health monitoring and telecare system: A new solution for medical service

Author(s): Xiaohong Yang, Qiuwen Zhang

In aged society and modern life, chronic diseases and sub-health have become more and more common. It is very urgent and challengeable to providemedical services for people who have suffered fromthese diseases. Compared with traditional medical service pattern, in which patient must go to the hospital to see a doctor face to face, telemedicine and telecare can satisfy both the patient and doctor in a remote environment. Based on the concept of telemedicine and telecare, this paper proposed a new solution formedical service, inwhich patients canmonitor their own health conditions and share medical services at home, health practitioners can provide professionalmedical services for patients at remote locations, and medical organizations can analyze the regional distribution of diseases in their offices.According to these results of requirement analysis, the Browse/ Server system architecture is adopted and the corresponding thematic function modules are designed. With the integrated application of information technology such as sensor, communication, network, database and geographical information system, the proposed home health monitoring and telecare system, which seamlessly links the patients, doctors and medical service institutions together anytime and anywhere, is developed. The case applications show that this system is feasible in technique and effective in practice.

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