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On balance control model of intelligent security system

Author(s): Fan Chuang, Tian Jinxin, Fan Huiying, Yu Xiaoguo

The increasingly accelerating pace of urban construction and urbanization result in rapid population expansion in cities as well as more disasters and accidents with worse effects caused by human or/and natural factors, which pose serious threats and destruction to the sustainable development function of cities, and make unprecedented challenge to the public security of cities, esp., those so-called Smarter City, whose public security are under the crises of complexity and dynamic characteristics. In this thesis, a balance control mechanism model of intelligent security system is established, based on the analyses of the connotation and system framework of intelligent security, which is, then, used in analyzing a city’s balance control mechanism intellectually in accordance with its actual state of urban security, to establish an artificial neural network model of the balance system with the reference of the ecological theory of self-organizing and self-adapting, so as to provide emergency treatment ways for urban crisis. In addition, a basic framework for constructing a dynamic, adaptive, distributed, diversified and multi-level security system is proposed by taking Hill function calculating expression as an example, which helps to lay a solid theoretical basis for the formation of stabilized economy, society and environment in cities, and a comprehensive scheme is proposed to fulfill intelligent security in Smarter cities, which was proved feasible theoretically. Also, the balance control mechanism model of intelligent security system can be seen as a base to support the futural public security network platform of urban system in Smarter cities.

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