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Observation on leaf epidermis micro-morphological characteristics of Lespedeza Michx

Author(s): Bo Yuan, Ximin Cao

The epidermis of five materials from four species in Lespedeza Michx were examined and analyzed using scanning electron microscope (SEM). Three important indexes containing epidermal hair density, stomata type and stratum corneum were compared among five materials. The results show that: epidermis hairs are abundant on both upper and lower epidermis of the two species of L. cuneata and L. davurica, but only present on lower epidermis of other two species of L. cyrtobotrya and L. davidii. The shapes of five materials’ leaves epidermis hairs are almost the same, there are large ecphymas with tumor appearance on all leaves epidermis hairs. The stomata of all materials besides L. cyrtobotrya sag into leaf epidermis cells, and all materials have developed stratum corneums on both sides. Drought tolerance of lespedeza closely relate to leaf epidermal hair density, sunken stomata and stratum corneum both are important reasons causing lespedeza has drought resistance ability.

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