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Numerical simulation of multi-layer agitator blade in high temperature floating two-phase flow field.

Author(s): Guini Yao

The mixed model in Eulerian multiphase fluid was adopted to simulate the macroscopic speed field of glass-semisolid aluminum-silicon alloy slurry in agitator bath of multi-layer agitator. Speed, viscosity, pressure, and temperature distribution were forecasted by this model. The forecasting results showed that radial and tangential speed were dominated in impeller area. The maximum value of axial speed was achieved in the lower and middle layer blade, while the maximum value of each layer blade existed in the edge and near axis place of the blade. The tangential speed of lower layer blade varied by the largest extent, which maximum value appeared in the edge and near wall place of the blade. The comparison between simulation and experimental results indicated the choice of this kind of agitator had advantage of the glass particles dispersion.

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