Numerical simulation and experimental validation of the freezing process of procambarus clarkia

Author(s): Li Shuo, Wang Shucai, Cheng Fang, Zou Shengbi, Xia Gaobing

Taking an actual freezer as the research object, the inside flow environment was simulated by using the CFD simulation software, the unsteady numerical simulation of procambarus clakii’s freezing process and frozen time were made simultaneously. The results of simulation were verified by experiments, the results show that the simulation datas fitted the experimental datas well, the maximum temperature difference between the experimental data and the simulation results was 3ô€”¨. Using this simulation method, the freezing process was simulated again with different design parameters, the results show that there is an optimal fan position and supply velocity to make the cold storage has its best temperature field, so as to get the ideal frozen effect and frozen time. The research provides reference for optimization design of cold store.

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