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Numerical analysis of the influence of nasal surgery on the nasal heating function

Author(s): Shen Yu, Xiuzhen Sun , Yingxi Liu

To study the influence of nasal surgery on nasal heating function. Threedimensional finite element nasal models were based on the computed tomography data of a normal nose and the preoperation and postoperation data of 2 noses (i.e., nose A and nose B) with a deviated nasal septum. Numerical simulations primarily focusing on the airflow distribution and the airflow temperature were used to study the influence of nasal surgery on the nasal heating function of inhaled airflow. The airflow distribution and heating characteristics of these models were obtained by comparing the simulation results of the normal nasal cavity with the results of the diseased nasal cavity and by comparing the preoperative and postoperative nasal cavities. The noses before surgery had a larger surface area and a smaller volume than after surgery. After the operation, the heating effect on the airflow decreased significantly in nose A and remained mostly unchanged in nose B (which had an adhesion between the inferior turbinate and nasal septum). The surface area and the volume of nasal airway are correlated with the nasal heating function. The nasal turbinate should not be resected excessively for treating a nasal obstruction caused by compensatory nasal turbinate hypertrophy. The width of the nasal airway should be maintained within a certain range after surgery. An excessively wide airway could affect the nasal heating function

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