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Numerical analysis of sliding friction coefficient and the normal pressure between the cable wire

Author(s): Xue-yu Lu

In this paper, the wire pressing device is designed, the range of true positive pressure, curves of steel friction coefficient changes with positive pressure. Describe the change trend of friction coefficient is: with the increasing pressure, friction coefficient of cable parallel wire decreased significantly, but when the pressure increases to a certain value, the friction coefficient decline is slowing down, and finally tends to a certain value. The curves of friction coefficient changes with positive pressure, provides a method and basis for the practical engineering of steel wire in the ultimate friction shear stress accurately, set up and stay cable as layered slipping model provides important parameters of bending stress analysis. From the numerical simulation method analyzes the positive pressure parallel wire between the start. This paper first parallel wire contact problem of two cables are analyzed with the classical theoretical solution and the FEM software ANSYS, to verify the feasibility, using ANSYS to solve the contact problem of accuracy and precision. On this basis, the strand steel beam of contact analysis, the preliminary inquiry arching effect on cable parallel wire

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