Novel single-solvent purification method of lutein from tageteserecta oleoresin and its parametric study

Author(s): Ajay Iyer

Lutein is a xanthophyllobtained from Marigoldflowers whichis known to be a potent antioxidant and a safe food colorant. Owing to its potential use in the food and nutraceutical industry, a method was developed using ethanol as the only organic solvent in the process, to obtain lutein at purities above 90% with chemical recoveries >80%. The degradation profile of the lutein so obtained was studied under temperatures of 0oC, 20oC and 40oC over a 215 day period fromwhich, an equation was arrived at, which could help predict the lutein content of such a purified product based on the time and temperature of its incubation. Lastly, the lutein was suspended in clear sunflower oil to a concentration of 15% (w/w) which was then tested for particle size, viscosity and colour value (L*a*b value) in vegetable margarine at 0.1% dosage.

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