Nitrous oxide (N2O) emission patterns from baffled subsurface constructed wetlands

Author(s): Wei Chen, Gengsheng Li, Xuebin Hu, Qiang He, Hongxiang Chai

In this study, nitrous oxide (N2O) emission was analyzed in a newly developed baffled subsurface constructed wetland. N2O was collected using a closed chamber. The effect of different loads and seasons was investigated and N2O emission rate within 24 h was obtained. In addition, variation of N2O flux along the flow direction was tested. The results indicated significant seasonal and diurnal variation. The peak of N2O emission occurred in September, which is 393.21ìg/m2•d; the lowest value was in January, whichwas 84.291 ìg/m2•d. Themaximumemissionwithin a day was most likely occurred in the morning, whereas the minimum value was in themidnight. The nitrous oxide emission also varied obviously along the flow direction. The highest emission was observed at the inlet of the wetlands while lowest value was at outlet of the wetlands.

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