New Validated Spectrophotometric Methods for the Estimation of Clobazam in Pure and Formulations

Author(s): Uma Maheswar K, Rami Reddy YV and Rambabu C

Three simple, sensitive and economical spectrophotometric methods were developed and validated for the determination of clobazam in pharmaceutical formulation. The methods were based on the formation of colored complex between clobazam and chromogenic reagents such as Alizarin Red S, Chloranilic Acid and Woolfast blue black. The absorbance of the colored complex was measured at its maximum wavelength using reagent blank. These methods showed linearity at different concentration ranges (6.0 μg/mL to 21.0 μg/mL, 24.0 μg/mL to 84.0 μg/mL and 8.0 μg/mL to 28.0 μg/mL) with correlation coefficients 0.9990, 0.9996 and 0.9992 respectively in acceptable range as per ICH guidelines. Statistical analysis proved that the proposed methods were reproducible and selective for the estimation of Clobazam in bulk drug and in its pharmaceutical formulation.

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