Neuropeptide Y on allergic encephalomyelitis guinea pig morbidity and Th1/Th2 cell research on balanced effects

Author(s): Xiaohong Li, Guiying Huang, Zuoxiao Li

Objective: To investigate neuropeptideY(NPY) onEAE guinea pigTh 1 / Th 2 cell balanced influence, and exploreNPYon allergic encephalomyelitis (EAE) morbid role in the immune regulatory mechanisms. Methods: 30 guinea pigswere randomly divided into normal control group, EAE control group, NPY intervention group. Observed three groups guinea pig serum interleukin 4 (IL-4), C interferon (IF N-C) levels, Th1/Th2 ratio, and the morbid condition of EAE control group and NPY intervention group. Results: peak serumIL-4 level ofNPYintervention groupwere significantly increased, serum IFN-C level decreased, Th1/Th2 ratio decreased (P average<0.001). Conclusion: the lateral ventricle was injected into NPY can have a protective effect on EAE, protective mechanism may regulate Th1 / Th2 cell balance and promote IL-4 secretion, inhibit the production of IFN-C and play

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