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Mycelia of Aspergillus flavus MTCC- 9606 as a catalyst for stereoselective hydroxylations of ethylbenzene and propylbenzene

Author(s): Saroj Yadav, Rama S.S.Yadav, Sudha Yadava, Kapil D.S.Yadav

The biotransformation of ethylbenzene to (R)-1-phenylethanol in 97% enantiomeric excess and 67% yield using fungal mycelia of Aspergillus flavus MTCC-9609 has been reported. The mycelia also transform propylbenzene to (R)-1-phenylpropanol in 100%enantiomeric excess and 100% yield. Methylbenzene is converted to benzylalcohol in 97% yield. Thus the mycelia of A. flavus MTCC-9606 hydroxylate atleast methylbenzene, ethylbenzene and propylbenzene at the benzylic positions hydroxylation of which are not convenient by chemical routes.

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