Monitor arsenic content and health risk assessment of drinking water source in Huayuankou of Yellow Rive

Author(s): LI Hai-hua, Yan Wei-feng, XING Jing , MENG Rui-jing

The pollution and health risks of trace As (Ш) in drinking water remains a longstanding challenge in Yellow River. Toward this objective,we explored trace arsenic (Ш) in water samples using atomic fluorescence spectrometry in Huayuankou of Yellow River. Here,we report that arsenic (Ш)content of all sampling points is less than environment of surface water standards. arsenic (Ш)content of the surface raw water of the Yellow River, the water gate of Huayuankou, Ceramic water filters, the raw water of Zhongfa, groundwater in Zhengzhou city is far less than the sanitary standard for drinking water, water quality is good. However,arsenic (Ш) content of the Yellow River deep lateral seepage water is over much of life drinking water health standards, which exceed the standard rate of 44.7%,66.7%,83% in 2011~2013, it leads that the pressure is higher in post processing. As (Ш)content of drinking water source of Yellow River except the Yellow River deep lateral seepage water is good, but the cancerous risk indexes exceed the acceptable levels recommended by U.S.EPA and it should enhanced preparedness. In view of that,drinking water of Huayuankou Yellow River is safety but with a health risk,especially,we need to pay attention to the treatment of As (Ш) pollution about Yellow River deep lateral seepage water.

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