Molecular cloning and sequencing analysis of the beta interferon from coturnix

Author(s): Zheng Bei, Chang Wei-shan

One pair of primers were designed according to chicken and meleagris gallopavo IFN-beta sequences published inGenBank.And the primerswere used to amplify coturnix IFN-beta cDNAbyRT-PCRfromspleen of coturnix. The product was cloned into pEasy-T1 vector. Sequence was comparied with NCBI.We successfully got the coturnix INF-beta partial sequence. Sequence was subtyped and put up homologous analysis. The results suggested the homology of coturnix IFN-Beta gene and chicken and were 88.7%, 72.5% with platyrhynchos, 71.5% with meleagris gallopavo compared the nucleotide sequence in GenBank. The analysis of genetic tree showed that the relationship of coturnix and chicken IFN-Beta had high homology.

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