Modelling for dynamic property of corrugated paperboard and response analysis

Author(s): Zhu Dapeng, Zhou Shisheng

Corrugated paperboard is modelled as linear stiffness material with viscoelastic property during a transient impulse process. The viscoelasticity is modelled by relaxation kernel, whick is expressed as the sum of complex exponentials. A mass-loaded corrugated paperboard is excited by a transient impulse, the free response of the system is modelled by Prony series. A parameters identification method is presented to identify stiffness parameters, viscoelastic parameters and the damping parameters under different load conditions. Rounded impulse function is used to simulate the real half-sine impulse, the acceleration response analysis method of the system is presented. The model and the response analysis method provide theoretical basis for the proper use the corrugated paperboard

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