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Model application research of javelin throwing problem based on computer simulations and gray prediction

Author(s): LiminYan

This paper studies the javelin inclined projectile motion.According to the inclined projectilemotion principle, it is assumed that the initial velocity is 25m/s and throwing height is 1.8m. Under different throwing conditions, use computer to simulate of themovement trajectory of the javelin. Through comparative analysis, we obtained that the throwing range is different with different throwing angle.When the throwing angle is 45 degrees, the range reachesmaximumwith 68m. Finally, it uses graymodel to predict the future javelin achievements trend, which can more scientifically and effectively guide the training of javelin throwers, providing theoretical support for the multi-faceted scientific research in this field. The study shows: the greater the javelin release speed is, the greater the horizontal throwing distance of javelin becomes. In the process of training and competition, it is necessary to speed up the javelin throwersÂ’ release speed through a variety of means; when there is no air resistance, the horizontal distance of the javelin throwing reaches themaximumusually in 45 degrees. Athletes have to go through a long-term training in order to achieve this effect. The horizontal distance of the javelin will also increase with the increase of the release height. Almost with each 1 millimeter rising, the horizontal distance has an increase of about 1 millimeter or so. In the javelin thrower selection, to choose tall athlete is also a necessary condition.

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