Minimally invasive method with nasal endoscopic comparative method in the treatment of maxillary sinus cyst

Author(s): Bian Xinhua, Hou Jinjie, Li Ruiyu, Li Meng, Bian xiangdong, Sun Yanfu, Du Zhirong4,Wang Jinxin

Objective:Minimally invasive and nasal endoscopic treatment ofmaxillary sinus cyst comparison of the two methods. Methods: The 68 cases of maxillary sinus cyst patients were randomly divided into two groups, Observation group 27 cases: Theminimally invasive group;Control group: 41 cases were nasal endoscopy group. According to the location of the cyst with these three operation method: (1) Nasal passages in maxillary sinus natural caliber; (2) Inferior meatus fenestration; (3) Middle meatus and inferior meatus combined approaches. The five indexes in two groups were observed in the mean length of hospital stay, the average cost of hospitalization, postoperative complications, postoperative discomfort, patient satisfaction. Result: Observation group without hospitalization, in the average hospitalization expenses, postoperative complications, postoperative discomfort, patient satisfaction indicators were better than the control group (P0.05). Conclusion :Minimally invasive treatment of maxillary sinus cyst was safe, effective and superior to the control group

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