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Mine pressure behavior of coal seam and environment management technical research

Author(s): Wang Zhigang

In deep inclined coal seam entry, mining pressure behavior is intensive and the support is extremely different. Based on continual finite element method, this paper adopts FLAC3D software to simulate rule of liberation seam (coal seam that with no or low shock ground pressure danger) stress and coal seam thickness deformation with physical mechanics parameters and geologic feature of roof and floor strata. It adopts alternate optimized layout in liberated layer according to pressure relief range of liberation seam. And it also studies the effect rule of different coal bed pitch and strata spacing on liberation seam pressure relief. The result shows that pressure relief range of liberated layer is direct ratio to work face length of liberation seam. And top pressure relief shielding angle increases with the increase of coal seam dip angle while bottom pressure relief angle is on the contrary. The bigger interlayer spacing is, the weaker pressure relief effect is. Whereas the smaller interlayer spacing is, the stronger pressure relief effect is. And liberation seam mine pressure behavior rule is applied into 7# coal work face entry. In addition, falling behind of environment management in mine industry affects agriculture and ecological environment heavily. Therefore, coal industry and ecological environmental construction should develop at the same pace.

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