Microbial transformation of S-(-)-Perillyl Alcohol by the filamentous fungi Fusarium verticillioides

Author(s): M. A.Aciar Roxana, Ravetti Soledad, Allendes Jorge, Rosa Melisa, Y.Hergert Lisandro, S.Bustos Pamela, G.Ortega María, G.Paraje María, A.Bustos Daniel

S-(-)-Perillyl alcohol (1) was transformed by Fusarium verticilloides over 7 days at 25°C to S-(-)-Perillyl aldehyde (2). Its structure was established by NMR spectroscopic and mass spectral studies. Total antioxidant potential and the radical-scavenging activity were determined by phosphomolybdenum and ABTS•+ assays, respectively. The results demonstrated that the oxidation of the primary alcohol of 1 had no effect on antioxidant activitywhen compared to startingmaterial and a reference compound. Obtaining derivatives of 1, is an important goal of research in microbial biotechnology and medicinal chemistry.

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