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Micellar dispersion assisted green synthesis of â-enaminones

Author(s): Pallavi M.More, Madhuri S.Barge, Arjun S.Kumbhar, Satyanarayan M.Arde, Rajashri S.Salunkhe

An extremely efficient, straightforward and green protocol for the synthesis of â-enaminones has been developed as a consequence of pursuing the emerging routes towards sustainable growth. The green synthesis of â- enaminones was carried out by using natural surfactant solution as a reactionmedium. We have employed the aqueous extract ofmesocarp of fruit of Balanites roxburghii plant which contained natural surfactant as a major component.Avariety of â-enamino ketones are synthesized in quantitative yield under the influence of micelles at room temperature. The reaction proceeds effortlessly in a short reaction time with easy product formation and via environmentally benign method with economic benefits.

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