Meteorological impact on peanut yield in China

Author(s): Wang Yu, Ahmed Abdul-gafar, Xu Shiwei, YuWen, Liu Jiajia

Weather conditions are essential for peanut growth. To understand the effect of weather on peanut yield, this paper uses 31 years (1981ÂÂ┬ľ2011) meteorological data (sunshine duration, rainfall and temperature) and peanut yield of ten provinces fromChina. Simple linear stepwise regression estimation was used to determine the relationship between peanut yield and weather as well as tendency during the life cycle. Except for trend yield, the weather factorsÂÂ┬ĺ impact on peanut yield is significantly though some monthly weather variables are insignificant. We could forecast the yield according to meteorological yield coefficients, and we also use irrigation or film-covering to change weather condition to increase the peanut yield. This will give a theoretical basis for crop yield forecasting and the way to increase yield. In summary, this study could be used in the earlierwarning for peanut yield. These results provide an important guiding and predicting bases for peanut yield.

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