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Metal complexes ofmixed ligands (quinolone antibiotics and -aminonitrile derivatives) their applications: an updatewithMn(II),Cu(II) andCr(III)ions and study the biological activity

Author(s): SaadKhudhurMohammed,MohammedH.A.Al-Amery

Quinolones (ciprofloxacin) are synthetic broad-spectrum antibiotics with good oral absorption and excellent bioavailability. Due to the chemical functions found on their nucleus (a carboxylic acid function at the 3-position) and in most cases a basic piperazinyl ring (or another N-heterocycle) at the 7-position and a carbonyl oxygen atom at the 4-position) quinolones bind metal ions forming complexes which they can act as bidentate. Bidentate ligands L2=2-phenyl-2-(1-Naphthylamine) acetonitrile was prepared by the reaction of Primiry amine with benzaldehyde, in presence of potassium cyanide and acidic media. The metal complexes were characterized by the micro element analysis (C.H.N.), chloride content, 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, FTIR and UV-Vis spectra, molar conductivity as well as magnetic susceptibility measurement. The coordination chemistry and bonding behaviors of the metal ions and ligands has been studied according to the spectra of the complexes on UV-vis and IR regions. According to the obtained data the probable coordination geometries of these complexes were suggested as octahedral. Some complexes were found to be non-electrolyte others were found to be weak electrolyte. The following metal ion complexes were prepared along with their suggested formulae base on the following: The metal ion complexes of the ligands (L1and L2) by condensation a solutionmixture of [Mn(II),Cu(II) and Cr(III)] ions respectively, in absolute ethanol with stirring gave the formulae: [ML1L2 Cl(H2O)X].2H2O Where M:{Mn2+ or Cu2+}, x=1 or 2 and [CrL1L2Cl(H2O)]Cl.3H2O.

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