Mens tennis singles winning factors t test based on mathematical analysis

Author(s): Yanguo Liu

For major sport event analysis, it tends to focus on fighting process winning factors, and tennis competition analysis also should face such problems, by competitions process official summarized statistical indicator data, it can get a variety of huge data information, let researchers cannot more objective to analyze on it, in order to simplify it, it needs make classifications and discrimination on varieties of indicators, then makes researches on key factors, which can be doubly beneficial. In research, it firstly analyzes tennis competitionsÂÂ’ techniques and tactics indicator factors, then makes T test on competition data, and gets 10 items very important winning factors, 6 items important winning factors, eliminates 4items not important factors, which provides theoretical basis for future tennis competitions analysis. This paper takes tennis men singles competitions official statistical data as research objects, with an aim to extract fighting processwinning factors indicators, in the hope of providing more convenient path for tennis competitions analysis.

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