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Mechanics model of highest basketball goal percentage based on Matlab values simulation

Author(s): Bo Zhang

Goal percentage is key to winning a basketball game, which is closely related to the position of the player, shooting angle and shooting velocity of the ball. By analyzing the free throw scenario, the paper discusses how changes of distance from the centre of ball to the centre of the hoop, the height of centre of ball and shooting velocity influence the goal percentage, without the difficulty brought to the player by motion. This paper simplifies the situation as a upward projection movement. It discusses the lawofmovement of horizontal direction as a uniformmotion,while the one of vertical direction as a uniformly retarded motion with the shooting velocity as the initial velocity v and g as the acceleration. Following conclusions are found: The variations of shooting angle poses more influence to the goal percentage than the shooting velocity. When the shooting height is between 1.8~2.1m, the shooting velocity should be higher than 8m/s. The angle of incidence should be larger than 33.1o. The higher the shooting velocity, the less the allowable deviation there is for shooting angle.While the allowable deviation of shooting velocity increases, there is a stricter requirement on shooting angle than shooting velocity.When the shooting velocity is fixed, more shooting height means less allowable deviation of shooting angle and more allowable deviation of shooting velocity

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