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Matlab multi-dimensional model-based 2012- 2013 Chinese football association super league football teams strength research

Author(s): Yingcheng Zhang

In order to make comprehensive evaluation on Chinese football teams strength, the paper analyzes Chinese 12 football teams’ performances in year 2012-2013national football first division team league matches, establishes four models from simple to complex, from rough to relative accurate, firstly successive calculate each team total score, and meanwhile make statistics of each team number of games, rank total score /number of games, obtained result can approximately be used as each team ranking. Secondly, according to game data, establish a 12×12 digital matrix A =(aij)1×12, use C++ programming, input obtained matrix, solve Hamilton opening path, and rank it. In the following, use three-point to calculate any i team and j team (i ≠ j) score ratio bij, from which bij=1, and get score matrix B =(bij)12×12, solve score matrix maximum feature value, and solve corresponding feature vector. Compare component vector size that can solve ranking. Finally use analytic hierarchy process, take average score, number of goal difference and ratio between winning games numbers and participation games numbers as criterion layer influence factors, according to their proportional relationships, construct positive reciprocal matrix (inverse matrix), by solving maximum feature value and its feature vector, and then solve ranking.

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