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Matlab and linear fitting-based university students physical health evaluation model study

Author(s): Haiyan Wang, Zhenyu Tang

In order to make reasonable evaluation on university students physical health, the paper firstly gets each factor and weight relationship by linear fitting method according to collected data, obtains six relations, and use MATLAB to make the image of every relation, observes images and then we get that weight and each factor relationship are inclined to be positive distributed, combines with relations,it gets that when weight is 90 to 100KG, height and lung capacity test results are the best, when weight is 70 to 90KG, step, long jump and grip test results are the best, while for schoolgirls test item sit and reach, when weight is 50 to 60KG, sit and reach results are the best. Use grey relational degree method to solve correlation coefficient, calculate weights, and then combine percentile method with mean and standard deviation, it solves a relative standard four items test data, finally use students actual measurement data to divide every item physical health test result and respectively multiply by respective weight, it gets respective scores, and then rank scores, assume that x% is qualified, then through students’ results ranking, use x% to distinguish result, the ones that are higher the result is supposed to be qualified, otherwise is failed, so that it can quantize physical health indicators.

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