Mathematical statistical analysis-based China and America two countries middle school athletics development difference research

Author(s): Jinzhu Li

Middle school students’ athletics sprint competitive abilities decide national sprint reserve force, develop middle school students’ sprint competitive abilities is an important issue that current nation needs to confront. In order to look for targeted suggestions for Chinese middle school students’ sprint training, the paper starts from China and America two countries middle school students’ sprint each event championships performance during year 2004~2012, explores two countries differences, the purpose is to extract feasible suggestions on the basis of clear gap and make contributions to Chinese sprint reserve force expanding. In the paper, it uses progressive coefficient, fixed base growth coefficient and link-relative development coefficient as research variables, verifies reflected two countries competitive levels differences from championships performances, gets conclusion that during year 2004~2012 Chinese middle school students sprint performance has already developed from being slightly lower than American middle school students to being backward both in quality and quantity and had larger distances from America.

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