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Mathematical modeling of a vertical tubular external airlift loop bioreactor for biomass production from natural gas

Author(s): E.L.Motalleb, M. Nosrati, M.H.Manteghian, F.Yazdian, S.J, Boshage

In this study, a mathematical model of a vertical tubular external loop bioreactor (VTELB) was used for biomass production from natural gas. gas-liquid separator (top), bottom of the VTELB were mathematically modeled according to the ideal stirred reactors, and the vertical parts, riser and down-comer sections were modeled tank-inseries without back flow. Mathematical modeling of biological processes cell growth including, mass balance and kinetics Model. The kinetic model Monod is used. In this simulation, a tanks-in-series model describes the mixing characteristics. Acceptable results between the model used and the experimental data obtained.

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