Mathematical analysis of the relationship between snatch performance and athlete’s weight based on mechanics

Author(s): Xuelian Zhang, Dawei Shi

Snatch process is the acting process that the human body consumes internal energy and can drive the devices off the ground and over the head; in its acting process, the body needs to receive force at reasonable posture. This article through biomechanics theory and function transformtheorem, conducts detailed analysis on the four stages of the snatch technology process prophase of squat, anaphase of squat, force and inertial rising, in order to obtain the mechanical features and data characteristic of function transform aspect of snatch technique; for body weight and snatch performance it builds regression equation, conducts data simulation study, and elaborates on the necessity of weightliftersÂ’ reasonable lose weight from the simulation image. By the studying results we conduct the biomechanical description and argumentation on the overall process of weightlifting snatch, confirm previous findings and the advantages and disadvantages of existing technologies and make reasonable suggestions for the development of movement technology.

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