Logistic-based competitive aerobics athlete physical ability and technology development research

Author(s): Xiaona Yang, Da Ke

Due to competitive aerobics interestingness and fitness, it is favored by broad young people, it occupies very important roles in national fitness sports events, to improve competitive aerobics players comprehensive performances, it needs to go deeper analysis and researches on competitive aerobics athletes physical ability and technological levels. On this basis, the paper through questionnaire survey, mathematical statistics and other methods to analyze competitive aerobics players’ lifestyle, training time, number of times and others, gets that competitive aerobics athletes participate in one time training per week occupies57%, shows training times are fewer that to be improved, training time around 40 minutes occupies 60%, training time is arranged in the afternoon that conforms to body optimum training standard. After that, by utilizing logistic growth curve method, it makes prediction on one region aerobics athletes’ amount, number of young competitive aerobics athletes, number of middle-aged competitive aerobics athletes and number of the senior competitive aerobics athletes have increased in five years after 2014, which verifies competitive aerobics will become more and more popular some time in future.

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