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Logistic growth curve method-based China football league one development research

Author(s): Yang Yu, Chao Chen

With the development of football globalization, all countries football culture, football operational management mode are intermingled with each other, which provides opportunity and challenge for China league one development. The paper carries on specific research on China league one’s athletes, analyzes current Chinese main force athletes’ average age,average height,average weight, and then compares to international stars evaluation criterion, points out that Chinese players have not yet possessed potentials of international stars, which reflects in Chinese players techniques and reaction capacity to be further improved; makes investigation on Chinese coaches’ age,experiences,instructing time and other factors, it gets that among football coaches, Chinese coaches amount are more, foreign senior coaches are fewer, it suggests to introduce more foreign senior coaches so that will helpful for Chinese football development, finally by data table after logistic curve changes, it analyzes that Chinese football players team is growing stronger, especially in professional players amount that is constantly increasing and techniques are constantly promoting, which will impel Chinese football rapidly development, and meanwhile also conforms to strategy of reinvigorating China through human resource development.

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