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Logistic bounce model-based table tennis rebound process energy change influence factors research

Author(s): Xiaoli Tian

Table tennis makes friction work with air during falling process, one part energy is converted into internal energy, ball kinetic energy reduces, and converted gravity potential energy also reduces, it cannot arrive at original height. In case that want to let cast table tennis to bounce into position that is higher than that when cast, it should exert an external force, let cast table tennis to have larger kinetic energy, and kinetic energy under the external force should be above bounce (rebound) potential energy after table tennis landing, that is to say, now kinetic energy should be above potential energy so that only exert larger external force on table tennis and cast it out then can let it to bounce to position higher than that when cast. The paper established table tennis bounced logistic model, and u tilize Matlab to make simulation, which provides theoretical evidence for athlete better grasping racket swinging force.

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