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Liaoning province wind power project comprehensive benefit evaluation

Author(s): Lingyan Meng, Jingquan Liu

Because wind energy has the wind instability, persistent many poor natural attributes, and wind farm construction also exists a wide area, large investment costs, high maintenance costs, a variety of adverse factors, such as power generation rate is unstable, so the wind power project evaluation and research has important practical significance. Based on the wind power project in Tieling tigers comprehensive evaluation, can provide the basis for the planning and construction of the project, the investment decision-making process in order to reduce the subjectivity and blindness, reduce investment risk and optimize the allocation of resources. But also for comprehensive evaluation of wind power projects theory of an exploration. By studying the comprehensive evaluation of Tieling tigers wind power projects in order to establish a comprehensive evaluation system of wind power projects, to provide a reference for the future construction of similar projects

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Table of Contents

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