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La la fuck kick dynamics model and its application in research

Author(s): Haiyan Li

As time progresses, also developed rapidly, and is valued by many enterprises in order to make the public more health science practice operation, this paper!! Fuck the high kick was studied, and got the la-la-la gymnast high kick when the rotational inertia of the right leg, also through the dynamics analysis to find the speed of the athletes of leg and hip, knee and ankle. And that la la gymnast doing high kicking the right leg of potential energy and kinetic energy, when the athletes by hip effective braking effect can increase the knee the momentum of the similarly brake knee momentum transfer to ankle again, have accelerated the effect of ankle joint. So this article get the calf angular velocity should be larger than the thigh of angular velocity, it will be more conducive to the acceleration of the knee joint. And also can see la-la-la gymnast was in a high kick to speed up the leg of the leg to make crus of the angular velocity is greater than the thigh of the angular velocity to drive the acceleration of the knee, ankle when landing would be so as the athletes speed and large buffer time lead to smaller lesions in the ankle and knee and thigh, but relative to the ankle, knee and thigh speed is relatively small, and the buffer time is longer, so the damage rate will be slightly lower.

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