Kinetics model analysis and technical optimization study on the elite men’s triple jump

Author(s): Su Jin, Fang Liu

For the existing action defect problemof Chinese Triple jump athletes, this paper studies the motion parameters and technical actions of triple jump athletes through the analysis of kinematics, combines the whole process of triple jump, uses the mathematical statistical methods, by comparing Chinese elite athleteswith foreign elite athletes, and concludes that Chinese athletes’ speed and take-off angle is too small, they have deficiency in the integrity and continuity of the action. Therefore, in the future training we should pay attention to strengthening the training of speed, increasing the ground pedaling angle when taking off, adjusting the power ratio of triple jump, focusing on strength training of upper body; it studies the taking-off angle of the third jump to find the best jumping angle. Through the study of the triple jump technique, this paper raises rationalization proposals for the improvement of technological level, which is aiming at improvement the technological level of China triple jump.

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