Kinematics analysis-based synchronized swimming lift preparation technologies’ gravity center relative parameters research

Author(s): Shaohua Yu, Huijun Song

Synchronized swimming is Chinese competitive sports event of potential advantages, the event elegant postures establish on the harmonious lift technologies, and athlete gravity center kinematical parameters change status in lift technologies preparation process is the key to preparation technologies perfect fulfill or not. On the basis of stating synchronized swimming event lift technologies difficulty factors, the paper ascertains gravity center stability and importance influences, and takes three women national level master sportswomen’s two lift one and then the one lifts another one, three lift one as well as three lift one up and down these three kinds of lift forms motion process as examples to make empirical analysis, obtained data result and analysis results conform to practice, it can apply the paper researches methods to research on individual athlete, in the hope of providing theoretical basis for its training schemes’ improvement.

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