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Javelin throwing mechanical parameters correlation research and application based on dynamical model

Author(s): Zhiqiang Zhao

According to oblique projectile movement principle, assume initial speed is 25m/s, throwing height is 1.8m, under different throwing, use computer simulating javelinmovement trajectory, apply comparative analysis, it gets that under different projection angles, the ranges are also different; in case projection angle is 45°, it can get maximum range of 68m. By kinematical analysis of javelin throwers’ right hand throwing cross step technique and final exertion technique, it is clear that only human body upper and lower limbs, left and right side each organ coordinately exert the strength can perfect javelin throwing technique. By analyzing athletes each indicator, it gets that during javelin throwing process the cross step phase, left leg pedaling and stretching opportunity should be proper and cannot let left leg fly so high, while in final exertion whipping phase, it should master right leg pedaling and stretching opportunity, pay attention to javelin release angle and oblique angle and improve javelin throwing vertical axis exertion effects

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