Isolation, optimization and production of two novel bacterial phytases from Aeromonas spp. using rice bran

Author(s): S.Supreeth, C.Arpitha, Anushree Agarwal, Sunil More

Phytic acid (myo-inositol hexakis phosphate, phytate) is the major storage form of phosphorus in cereal, oil and legume. Phytase, a specific group of phosphatase hydrolizes phytic acid to myo-inositol and phosphoric acid. A potent phytase producing bacteria was isolated fromsoil where beans (a leguminous plant rich in phytate) was grown through phytase screening media with rice bran as sole carbon source. The isolated organism was identified through microscopical and biochemical analysis which was authenticated using Bergey’s Manual of Bacteriology as Aeromonas spp. The potency of the organism to produce phytase was also tested using a production media having a waste product of rice industry that is rice bran and the organismwas found to be highly potent. The production conditions for high quantity of phytase were also done for different inoculums size, pH, temperature, carbon source, nitrogen sources. The results indicated production of two different phytases one active in acidic pH and one in basic pH. Future studies will be on bulk production, purification, characterization and its biotechnological application.

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