Isolation of cellulase producing bacteria and optimizing production parameters for its potential application in industries

Author(s): Suman Malik, Rishipal Mandhan

Cellulases are a group of hydrolytic enzymes that are capable of degrading most abundant lignocellulosic material on earth. A high level of thermo stable cellulase has been produced fromnewly isolated strain Flavobacteriumbolustinum( MTCC10203) under submerged fermentation using basal mediumsupplemented with pineapple peel (1.5%) pH 9 at 37°C. Different culture conditions under submerged fermentation (SmF)were examined to assess their effect on enzyme production. Various production parameter included temperature, pH, inoculumage and volume, incubation time, carbon and nitrogen sources, salts and additives were optimized. After optimization therewas increase of about 7.76 fold in cellulase production (265U/ ml) which decreases the cost of enzyme production for its industrial application. Moreover, results showed pineapple peel as a excellent source of substrate for production of cellulase for commercial use.

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