Investigation of Mechanism Action of Some Preparations Obtained Based on Tropolone Alkaloids

Author(s): Enykeeva ZM

Conducted investigation have shown that the studied of new preparations possess full line nearby damaged tumour properties: mitotic activity, at high degree-alkylation, promote between nucleosome degradation and fragmentation DNA, inhibits topoisomerases I and II and possess ability of overcoming drug stability, and above, than etoposide and doxorubicin, possess the expressed cytotoxic action, as causes their high anticancer effect. Thus ability to emission CFUs protects an organism from consequences of their cytotoxic action. Ability to induction CFUs could be explained by their structural characteristics that causes their expressed properties radiomimetic. High of induction CFUs, side by side with suppression of growth of tumour, promotes at influence of some substances to increase of immunity and haemopoietic indicators, at average induction CFUs at number of substances immunity and haemopoietic indicators after the spent treatment, as not so considerably decrease at application of commercial anti-tumour preparations.

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